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The Greater Relevance of Flowers Amidst Struggles

May 23,2023 | Petal Elements

Do you find it odd, in the midst of this pandemic, to still see florists busily arranging bouquets or perhaps even a fresh bundle gracing your co-worker’s desk? Is there really a reason to celebrate anything in this time of uncertainty? Flowers have long been associated across cultures as gestures of love and affection, tokens of appreciation and congratulations, or expressions of sympathy and condolence. Yet, the real benefits of these beautifully-coloured flora often get overlooked.


A Sensorial Experience

“Stop and smell the roses”. Most of us have heard this popular piece of advice at least once in our lives. But it was first coined in the 1960s by Walter Hagen, a golfer, who in his autobiography remarked that people shouldn’t hurry and shouldn’t worry but “be sure to smell the flowers along the way.”

The sight of flowers and the way they engage our olfactory sense immediately draws us towards the present, inviting us to pay attention to what’s in front of our eyes. This is why landmarks such as the Botanic Gardens and Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay are huge attractions for both Singaporeans and tourists alike. They truly do make us stop to marvel at their beauty and notice once more how any environment is enlivened by their colours and arrangements.


Finding Hope Through Floral Therapy

Not to be confused with Bach’s flower remedies (the treatment of psychological problems with flower extracts), floral therapy can be understood as the entire journey an individual takes from handpicking select cuts to arranging them in a way which fully expresses one’s emotions. It is a meaningful activity that requires you to first be aware of how you’re feeling so that your eventual masterpiece can be led by your heart and mind (as cheesy as it sounds, it’s true!).

Whether done with a friend, your mother, or a group of people you’re not acquainted with, these workshops typically last at least 2 hours and are perfect for encouraging a time of bonding. Yet, even if you’re a single participant, “me time” never did anyone harm. Who knows, you might come to enjoy it so much that it could become a regular affair!


Proof in the Petals

“The earth laughs in flowers.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Numerous scientific studies and journals have been published to prove the healing effects of being surrounded by or at least exposed to flowers within one’s immediate environment. For example, the Journal of Physiological Anthropology has indicated that stress levels can be reduced just by physically interacting with flowers, and more specifically, from other educational sources, cardiovascular and muscle tension can also experience easing.

In the areas of productivity and concentration levels, a group of researchers at Texas A&M University found that people who had nature (flowers and/or plants) within view were more relaxed and therefore more attentive at work or at school. Consequently, they would also enjoy better productivity in their day-to-day activities.

Petal Elements carries a beautiful variety of specially-selected flowers such as Baby’s Breath, Hydrangea and Roses. While undeniably comforting to gaze upon, few really know the unique meaning each species holds. To give you a helping hand in choosing a bouquet which best expresses your intentions, we’re sharing the real meaning behind each flower available at our store.


Baby’s Breath

Typically used as a filler for bouquets, these soft and little flowers have increasingly been seen as whole decorations at weddings, creating a soft and dreamy atmosphere. They represent innocence, purity and sincerity.


Available in many different colours, each carries its own message but if you’d like to express appreciation for someone whose personality is sweet and lovely, or if you’d like to tell a person that you will never forget him or her, gift a bouquet filled with white and/or pink carnations.


Often mistaken for daisies although they do belong to the same family, these flowers are universally known for representing happiness regardless of the colours they grow into — yellow, red, orange, pink, white or peach.


If you happen to be celebrating your 4th wedding anniversary with your spouse, a bouquet of purple hydrangeas is perfect for showing how deeply you appreciate him or her since that is exactly what they have traditionally meant. Pink hydrangeas express one’s true feelings or sincerity while blue hydrangeas are great if you need to apologise to someone.


With a strong association to the Virgin Mary in Catholic tradition, gifting a bouquet of white lilies indicates chastity and virtue. On the other hand, celebrating one’s femininity can be done with pink lilies.


To the untrained eye, these flowers sometimes appear as roses which have not yet fully bloomed. However, once they do, thick and luscious layers of soft petals begin to reveal themselves. Peonies are extremely popular at weddings since they represent romance and marriage.


Universally known and widely gifted to our significant other at romantic celebrations such as Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and anniversaries, the rose symbolises love and desire.


As Claude Monet once said, “I must have flowers, always, and always.”, so do we also believe that our blooms can bring a little joy and sparkle into your life.